Donna (dreamydaydream) wrote in shade_it,


I think I may close this. This is just...not working out.
Unfortunate, but true.

And I also think I'm more resources/iconing geared. It's too frustrating this way.

I'll be posting awards for those that entered the last contest.
Thanks for joining and entering everyone!
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I really hate that you want to close it. I think given time and enough pimping it would be a great comm! I like it because it isn't devoted to just one person to icon. You've opened it up to lots of celebrities.
I'm glad you enjoyed it..
the reason why I opened it is because it's not really devoted to one person :)..heh.

I think I may be opening some in the future that would be similar...
maybe one based on theme (theme_contest) or teams (team_icontest).

I'm thinking...if I get enough interest in this community, I won't close it.
Well, I pimped it on my journal. Don't know how much help it will be, but I'm trying!
Aw thanks!

You didn't even need to, heh.
I hope you decide to stay open....I just found out about you from tularia and would love to join.
Wow.... I think that this would be a great Comm to be in. I found this all from tularia. I am just getting started with Photoshop and all of that, but I would love to be apart of this.