Donna (dreamydaydream) wrote in shade_it,


Thanks everyone for being patient...I had an AP exam and I really couldn't spend enough time on the comp to work on this community.

So..banners and winners will be sorted out tomorrow, and a new challenge will be up tomorrow/Monday.

Once again, any suggestions for whom/what/type of challenges to feature?
Post here.

Oh and I want a new layout people want a header contest?
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No problem, sorry I couldn't be more help than I was! I'd be up for a header contest!
You were amazing and went far beyond what I expected of you :).
I wish I didn't have this inconvenient time...exams are never fun.
i would LOVE a header contest!!
Header contests are mucho fun, I'd take part!
header contests are rad!

and if you need help with a layout, i can help or you can request one at sweetpealayouts. :D