Donna (dreamydaydream) wrote in shade_it,

Voting postponed

This never...existed...
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I can do the voting for you. I have a paid account so I could even do it in poll form. Is it unethical for a member to do the voting? LOL idea XD.
But I trust you so... :).
And this will be better for the community.

OMFG, yay for paid members :D. I wish I were one...XD
But, um, if you put up voting, I will love you, forever (not that I don't anyways..cuz you enter.
OK, no problem, so how many votes for each category?
3 for a and c, 2 for b.
I'm on it!
I know you're busy but just wanted to know if you want me to also post results and when?
okay post them on...Tuesday :).

Thanks again so much!
There are some ties in the voting. I posted to the community that I was going to leave the tallying up to you. If you need anything else - just let me know!
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