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Challenge #4

Challenge #4. Only two, as one is a header challenge :)
HOW TO SUBMIT?; the howto
DEADLINE; May 19, 2005 (two weeks!)

#4a: R E G U L A R: Submit up to four icons.
Subject: ANGELINA JOLIE (pictures: 1)
Blending: YES;
Animation, Text: YES;
Outside Pictures: NO;
Color Theme/Scheme: Pastels (of any color);
Other: Pastels - aka sort of lighter, but not bright. Dulled, but very pretty.

ch ach ach ach ach ach ach ach a

#4b: H E A D E R: Submit up to two headers.
Subject: ACTORS (pictures: 1)
Blending: YES;
Text: YES;
Animation: YES;
Outside Pictures: YES;
Size: around 450x300 (as long as it fits a 800x600 resolution, it's fine);
Color Theme/Scheme: MONOTONE;
Other: Try to use one color (+ black/white/grey) for your color scheme. You may use any MALE actors you like.

If you need help finding pictures, pictures will be posted in a few days :)

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