Donna (dreamydaydream) wrote in shade_it,

Banners & Schedule

Here are your banners, krinklecut41490 and truthfull_lies

saved by winners.

Onto another matter. Would it be better if I changed the schedule so that challenges run over the weekend? I know plenty of icontests end right before the weekend (probably for maintainer's ease) but if this will stimulate more entering, I'll gladly move the ending to a Wednesday or Thursday.

Also, if you want different challenges, go and suggest! I take all suggestions to heart. I want people to enter but how will I know what y'all want?

#TWOA; 6
#TWOB; 2
#TWOC; 1

sounds great right? This is from two people. Enter guys! PLEASE.
challenge 2
Tags: banners, ch#1
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:) thanks so much!
so that challenges run over the weekend
It doesn't really make a difference for me, but maybe for other people it would.

Just a (small) suggestion, maybe you could post a link to challenge 02 in this post? It just makes it easier, that's all. :)
mmkay, linked, thanks :).
Thank you. :) One small question though, when you say: Color Theme/Scheme: Always; do you mean we should pick a colour theme/scheme and work with that? As in, we should always do so.
Or is the colour theme 'always', which I thought at first? ^^
Ooo..I should try to find a way to express it better.

Yeah, it means, pick any color theme/scheme you want and work with that (unless there's a preset color scheme, as in 2c.
Thanks. I'll try to submit some icons in the coming days. :)
got mine, thanks! :D